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2010-10-27 00:04:56 by Pootietangazpacho

There's this cool dude (not really) on the web who totally inspires me to NOT act like a total dickweed on the internet. His names Kurvos; he's most notable on DeviantFART where he makes extremely biased and shitty movie and game reviews and gets autistic rage on anyone who questions his words (or anyone who posts their own opinions on the matter.....as long as it doesnt oppose his own). He also makes AMAZING Flashes on this portal, most notably his completely awesome and original series known as "Sore the Demon Slayer". The animations are so lively and colorful that it'll put Don Bluth to shame. In conclusion, he's my muse.

Now why am I saying all of this? PFFt so you guys can completely ignore it ofcourse, Like seriously who gives a fuck?


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